24 Trillion Gallons of Water Unloaded in California Due to Weeks of Relentless Storms

According to reports, the relentless storms in California unloaded about 24 trillion gallons of water, helping to ease the prolonged drought conditions.

Weather forecasts raised concerns over the rounds of heavy rain in California and the West Coasts. However, forecasts explained that the combination of a bomb cyclone and atmospheric rivers helped to bring more rain.

Evacuations and widespread power outages occurred in California as the rain continued. Many residents braced for the impact of the storms as the calendar flipped to January.

According to the National Weather Service’s (NWS) recent advisory, the weather agency explained that hazards could unfold in California this weekend, adding that atmospheric moisture surges could cause more heavy rain and mountain snow.

Residents in California are advised to keep updated with the weather forecasts for potential evacuations due to flooding.

(Photo : by ROBYN BECK/ AFP/AFP via Getty Images)
January 10, 2023 in the Chatsworth neighborhood of Los Angeles, California

Meanwhile, AccuWeather’s latest forecast and PowerOutage.us explained that power disruptions reached about 1.6 million people from December 26, 2022 to January 11, 2023.

Other than widespread power outages, significant property damage, trees and powerlines were reported.

US Drought conditions

According to AccuWeather, Californians experienced one of the wettest weather conditions.

The region has suffered from prolonged drought, affecting rivers, lakes and main reservoirs. In addition, the historic water level raised concerns over the impact on communities and the environment.

As a result, the relentless rain in California could offer relief from drought conditions. In addition, the melting snow in California could help water reservoirs, especially during the summer.

The good conditions of snowpack in southern Sierra and Sierra Nevada are a good sign to deal with long-term drought in the state.

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Since January 2023, the unabated rain in California reached about 24 trillion gallons of water, according to reports from Pete Bouchard, NBC10 Boston and AccuWeather.

Meanwhile, the National Weather Prediction Center explained that one of the wettest conditions occurred in California (From January 9, 2023, to January 10, 2023).

California has suffered from prolonged drought, affecting the water supply in nearby communities. However, recent reports from the U.S Drought Monitor explained that severe drought in the region was reduced by about 25%, as more rain unfolded. 

Although the rain is a good sign for the drought outlook in California, a previous report from BBC News explained that it would require several years of wet conditions to address the concerning drought in the region.

Recently, the NOAA and CNN recent reports said that the United States suffered from human-caused disasters. The total cost in damages reached a whopping $165 billion.

Experts noted that the impact of climate change on extreme weather events that become more frequent and intensified.

Weather safety reminders

On the other hand, the forecast noted that the persistent rain in California could continue with significant mountain snow next week.

Residents and motorists should monitor the weather developments for travel hazards, evacuations and flooding risks. Dangerous travel and slowed commutes are expected.

Preparing emergency kits in case of evacuation is recommendable as the storm could stay until next week.

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