Cleaning Initiative in Springfield Draws 1000 Volunteers, 1200 Bags of Garbage So Far

A cleaning initiative in Springfield has enlisted 1000 volunteers, who have so far collected 1200 bags of trash.

The City of Springfield resumed its “Clean Green Springfield” initiative in March after more than 2,000 volunteers donated more than 2,500 hours of their time to cleaning up the city.

The City of Springfield’s communications coordinator, Kristen Milam, says the numbers so far this year seem to be in good shape.

Over 1000 Volunteers and 1200 Bags of Garbage

Since the beginning of March, according to Milam, 1,200 people have registered, and they have so far collected more than 1,000 bags of trash. Every time Public Works goes out and counts the bags again, the team continues to record those. 150 volunteers helped the team clean up the Kansas Expressway on April 15th, collecting close to 200 bags of trash.

Milam and others are still observing the effects such events are having on the city. By hosting three unique recycling and disposal initiatives for the month of May, the city hopes to either make an impact or leave one less.

Other Recycling Efforts in Springfield

Through Green Clean Springfield, the city will offer free television recycling in collaboration with the Computer Recycling Center. Box springs and mattresses can be delivered to the Springfield Noble Hill Sanitary Landfill, the Lone Pine Avenue Recycling Center, or the Franklin Avenue Recycling Center during regular business hours. Additionally, the initiative will hold a tire toss at the former Meek’s location at 404 North Jefferson Avenue on Saturday, May 6, from 7 AM to 2 PM. Once separated from any rims, each household is permitted to recycle up to eight tires.

Free TV and mattress recycling services are accessible from Springfield and Milam. The programs, which are offered until the last day of the month or for as long as the budget allocation lasts, require customers to mention “Clean Green Springfield.” The maximum number of televisions that Milam will pay for is 200, and they will pay to recycle up to 500 mattresses and box springs before charging $15 per additional piece. Although mattresses can be recycled year-round, there is a recycling fee.

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Benefits of a Cleaning Initiative

To ensure that these items are disposed of properly, Milam and the city want people to take advantage of these programs. Electronics, tires, mattresses, as well as box springs, should all be recycled because they may be flammable or environmentally hazardous. In addition, mattresses and box springs cannot be tossed in the dumpster, as pointed out by Big Rentz.

While mattresses and box springs can be disassembled and processed into raw construction-grade material and wood chip mulch, tires can start fires and leak chemicals. Because they don’t compact very well and take up lots of room in landfills, these goods are much better off being recycled, KY3 reports.

Green Clean Springfield reports that in addition to these recycling initiatives this month, Point of Pride Cleanup events will be held on May 6 and May 20 in various locations throughout Springfield.

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