Crocodile Sighting in South Queensland Shuts Down Major Tourist Destination After 3-Meter Reptilian Shows Up During Kayaking Tour

A crocodile sighting in South Queensland has raised an alert across the region, it was reported on Wednesday, January 18. Holidaymakers were terrified after seeing a 3-meter saltwater crocodile in the waters off North Stradbroke Island. There were no casualties from the incident.

Local authorities consider the spot of the sighting, which is near Brisbane, to be unusual since crocodiles do not go that far from their habitat. The giant crocodile was last seen at the island, located 400 kilometers away from its usual territory in the waterways of central and northern Queensland.

Authorities are still searching for the reptile with the aim of removing it to the area, which is a popular swimming spot and major tourist destination in Australia. While experts are baffled why the beast went as far south from its habitat, the answer lies in previous related incidents.

In recent years, there have been reports that crocodiles in Australia are ‘slowly migrating’ south and into more populated areas, including South Wales. Evidence suggests that the reason behind this behavior is the fact that ancient crocodiles once lived in the southern parts of the country, which they also consider as their habitats.

Queensland Crocodile Sighting

(Photo : Photo by EZEQUIEL BECERRA/AFP via Getty Images)

Nine vacationers on a kayaking tour were paddling at the island on Wednesday when the crocodile suddenly came out of nowhere from the waters near Brisbane. Straddie Adventures owner Mark Jones was organizing the kayak tour in Myora Springs, on the west side of the island, when he saw the crocodilian in front of him and his tour party, the Daily Mail UK reported.

Jones told the Courier Mail that he was sitting in the kayak while talking when the crocodile appeared in close range and went under before coming back up again to the surface. The tour guide told 7 News that he did not informed his guests when he first spotted the crocodile, likely to avoid panic.

However, when the croc surfaced for the second time, the guide already confirmed it with the guests, who responded that it was indeed a croc. Wildlife rangers arrived into the area to close the North Stradbroke tourist hot spot to allow for their investigation.

Jones reportedly said he saw the reptile heading towards Amity Points in the direction of Morton Bay, which is another popular tourist hub.

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Crocodile Migration

Ecology expert Bob Hoskin at James Cook University stated the crocodile was very far from its normal habitat. However, crocodile expert Steven Salisbury was not surprised by the presence of the reptile in South Queensland, as cited by the Daily Mail UK.

Salisbury, who is also paleontologist, from the University of Queensland explained this is due to fossil evidence that shows crocodiles have lived across Australia since at least 100 million years ago but were not always concentrated in the northern parts of the country, as cited by ABC News.

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