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Cross-Country Storm Brings Possible Severe Thunderstorms, Flooding to Southern US

In the Southern US, flooding and potentially severe thunderstorms are possible due to the cross-country storm that is moving across the nation.

Cross-Country Storm

The South may experience severe weather and flooding this week due to a storm that is moving across the eastern US. Meanwhile, some areas of the Midwest will experience snow.

Severe Thunderstorms

In some of the same areas that were hard hit by last week’s ice storm, the system’s current phase could yield severe thunderstorms throughout southeastern Texas. When severe storms develop, the main threats are tornadoes and damaging wind gusts.


The system is introducing the possibility of flooding further north, with areas in northern Texas, eastern Oklahoma, western Arkansas, and far southwestern Missouri at risk. Rain can reach 5 inches in some areas.


The Midwest could see significant snowfall on the northern end of the cross-country storm. Great Lakes and the Upper Midwest have the best chances, but starting on Wednesday, light snow may fall as far south as southern Oklahoma, FOX Weather reports.

Weather Alert: Flood Warning


Texas, which is located in the southern region of the US, is under multiple flood warning alerts, as per the National Weather Service. A Flood Warning is in effect over various areas of Texas to anticipate the effects of the cross-country storm.

Experts warn to expect flooding to last for several days at 165.0 feet, with most of the gravel access road under water. On the Angelina River, currents can become rapid and turbulent, so boaters and drivers of four-wheel vehicles should proceed with caution both upstream and downstream.

Orange County

The Flood Warning in Orange County, Texas is at a High Severity Alert. The Sabine River near Deweyville is the affected area; at 25.0 feet, the lowest roads along the river flood and may be closed. Additionally, Robert Clark Road and other Southwest Beauregard Parish low-lying roads are flooded. The southern half of Niblett Bluff Park is flooded, cutting off access to the park’s camp houses. Northeastern Orange County access roads to the river may flood.

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Arkansas is also under Flood Warning, with Woodruff being one of the areas affected.

Low, swampy timberland found along the river will start to flood at a height of 9.0 feet. Closing flood gates and removing equipment from the low areas along the river and its tributaries are both necessary. The Flood Warning in Woodruff, at Alert Level 1, is in effect until further notice, according to The Weather Channel.

Weather Forecast

Thunderstorms in Woodruff will arrive on February 8, Wednesday night. It will be windy with showers and thundershowers during the evening, then partly cloudy overnight. Lows will be around 44 degrees F. Winds will blow SW at 20 to 30 mph, with a 90% chance of rain at 90%.

For Orange County, the thunderstorms will start Tuesday night, February 7, and continue until the next day. Wednesday, February 8, will see scattered thunderstorms in the morning becoming more widespread in the afternoon. during this time. Storms may contain strong, gusty winds. while highs are at 73 degrees F, winds will blow south at 10 to 15 mph and there is a 90% chance of rain, The Weather Channel reports.

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