Earthquake Death Toll Reaches 21,000 in Turkey, Syria; US to Provide $85M Emergency Relief Assistance

The earthquake death toll in Syria and Turkey reached more than 21,000, according to reports.

Time is a matter of importance for rescue operations.

Meanwhile, the United States is expected to provide $85M in Emergency Relief Assistance.

Rescue operations have been working around the clock to help save survivors trapped under the rubbles of collapsed buildings.

The situation becomes more challenging due to heavy snow and cold conditions.

In addition, damaged roads became main concerns for the humanitarian assistance.

Increasing death toll and fading hope

According to CNN World’s latest reports, the death toll reached about 21,000 in Turkey and Syria.

The injuries soared to 78,124.

Al Jazeera reported that there is a 17,406 total of injured people in Turkey and 3,317 in Syria as of Thursday, February 9.

The images and videos of the earthquake showed the devastating impact on buildings, resulting in widespread collapse.

Many are still trapped.

CNN explained that the recent natural disaster is considered one of the deadliest earthquakes.

Furthermore, reports explained a second disaster would unfold in the affected regions due to heavy snow and cold conditions.

As many survivors have become displaced, challenging weather conditions can result in possible cold-related health risks.

Syrians’ plight under civil war and earthquake

(Photo : by ILYAS AKENGIN/AFP via Getty Images)
Adiyaman, Turkey on February 9, 2023

Syria also suffered heavy damage and widespread casualties after the earthquake.

The country is now threatened by civil war and the earthquake’s aftermath.

Hospitals were overwhelmed by an influx of survivors. According to Reuter’s report, Syria have endured more injuries from the recent earthquake than from the war in the country.

In an interview with Reuters, Dr. Mohamad Zitoun, who is helping injured Syrians, explained that the devastating earthquake was horrific and terrifying.

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Hospitals and wards were also packed with patients. 

Meanwhile, the White Helmet, a rescue group in Syria, reported that many Syrians have become homeless after the devastating earthquake, especially in Northwest Syria.

The group urged for international humanitarian help in Syria as many survivors are trapped under the buildings, according to a report from France24.

Without heavy equipment, many rescuers in Syria used their bare hands to save people trapped under heavy rocks.

Rescue operations can become more challenging without power tools and equipment, especially since time is a matter of the essence.

United States Assistance

According to U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the BBC News, the United States would provide humanitarian assistance of $85 million for the two countries.

The assistance would help the displaced survivors in Turkey and Syria, especially during the extreme cold.

USAID would also assist with hygiene and sanitation initiatives for affected residents and communities

Recently, the World Health Organization and UNICEF raised concerns over the health impact of the earthquake on the welfare of children and their families.

On the other hand, NBC 5 Dallas reported that North Texas would send volunteers and assistance to quake victims.

International communities also pledged support and humanitarian assistance to Turkey and Syria.

Rescuers and heavy equipment are also deployed to assist in lifting collapsed buildings.

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