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Ecuador Flooding: 500 People Evacuated as Heavy Rain Causes River Overflow

The latest weather report showed that heavy rain in Ecuador caused flooding and river overflow, resulting in people evacuating to shelters.

Heavy rainfall unloaded in parts of Ecuador, especially in the country’s Northwestern part.

AccuWeather and AFP reported that 12,000 people were impacted by the flooding in parts of the Esmeraldas.

Heavy rain in Ecuador

(Photo : by LUIS CHEME/AFP via Getty Images)
Esmeraldas, Ecuador, on June 4, 2023

Associated Press (AP) also reported the heavy rain in Ecuador. The floodwaters caused to affect nearby communities.

Furthermore, the report explained that heavy rain during the weekend continued for about 12 consecutive hours.

The report explained that the training storms could play a significant role in the flooding. AccuWeather reported the phenomenon could help remain stationary and develop, causing significant rainfall.

On the other hand, Ecuador’s President Guillermo Lasso posted on Twitter that the heavy rain resulted in the overflow of six rivers.

He added that about 1,500 rescues were deployed to help affected communities by the flooding.

On March 7, 2023, Aljazeera reported that Ecuador suffered from deadly landslides that left casualties and 500 people were impacted.

According to the report, the heavy rain in the country unfolded a landslide and mudslide in the southern parts of Ecuador.

The article added that seven people were the casualties while 23 became injured. The country issued a state of emergency to 14 affected provinces.

Meanwhile, AccuWeather explained that there could be possible heavy rain this week, with possible thunderstorms and showers through the weekend.

Did you know? Ecuador weather

According to Climate Change Portal World Bank, the average temperature that Ecuador can reach is about 21°C to 22°C unfolding from June to November (Dry season) and 25°C to 26°C from December to May (rainy season).

Flooding preparedness

According to Red Cross, flooding preparedness is essential for communities and homeowners. Floodwaters could rapidly increase, which could put at risk your family members.

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Flooding could emerge due to heavy rain, poor drainage systems, hurricanes, storms and river overflow. As a result, preparation is crucial.

Here are important reminders for communities to prepare for possible flooding in the areas or regions, especially if they live in flood-prone areas.

Keeping updated with the weather conditions

Affected people should keep updated with the weather conditions this week, especially near flood-prone areas.

Preparing a battery-operated radio or weather forecasts could help anticipate the weather.

Furthermore, monitoring rivers for possible overflow or rise of floodwaters is essential.

Prepare emergency kits at home

Homeowners should keep emergency kits inside their homes or emergency bags in case of immediate evacuations or emergencies.

Here are the recommended emergency kits:

  • Medicines
  • Battery-powered radio
  • Battery-powered flashlights
  • Non-perishable goods
  • Raincoat protection or jacket

Keep away from floodwaters

It is best to keep away from flood waters. Homeowners should return to their homes when the floodwaters subside.

When you return to your house, it is essential to be careful with grounded or damaged wires.

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