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From Last Quarter Moon to Planets At Night: Rare Astronomical Events to Unfold in June

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Last quarter moon. June is full of amazing, exciting astronomical events that you should not miss, from the Last Quarter Moon, Full Strawberry Moon and Summer Solstice.

Astronomy lovers could witness amazing and rare sights in the skies this June 2023, from Last Quarter Moon, Full Strawberry Moon and Summer Solstice,

Astronomy lovers should save the date for the rare astronomical events this week. Preparing your camera for the rare images you can capture is best.

According to Almanac, the night sky 2023 could unfold a rare display of planets, stars and moons. Viewing the night skies could become the best.

Full Strawberry Moon

Recently, Almanac reported that the Full Strawberry Moon emerged on June 3. The moon is said to appear with a golden-hued appearance.

The article explained that the moon could appear reddish. The other alternative names for June Moon are the following:

  • Blooming Moon
  • Green Corn Moon
  • Hoer Moon
  • Birth Moon
  • Hatching Moon
  • Egg Laying Moon
  • Honey Moon
  • Mead Moon

Last Quarter Moon

On June 10, the Forbes article explained that the Last Quarter could be noticeable. However, a few could likely see it unfolding after midnight.

According to NASA, the last quarter occurs when the moon appears to be a half-illuminated view, also known as the third quarter moon.

Jupiter’s double shadow

According to, astronomy and planet lovers could see two shadows on June 8 for people looking into the skies in longitudes located in Papua New Guinea and Eastern Australia.

On June 11, the report noted that double shadows and a possible Red Spot could unfold on Jupiter. Astronomy lovers with a telescope could likely see it in parts of South America and Eastern North America.

On the same day, there could be the Mercury and the Pleiades. The report said that Mercury could become closer to the sun. The event could unfold before sunrise.

People interested in looking should avoid using binoculars that could damage their eyes.

Summer Solstice

The Almanac reported that the summer solstice spectacle could emerge on June 21, noting that astronomy lovers could discover three-way conjunction of moons, Venus and Mars.

The report added that the moon could also unfold brightly.

On June 22, observers could find the planet Mars looking dim from its appearance.

Preparing for the astronomical events

The month of June has spectacular displays in the night skies. It is essential to consider the dates and keep your binoculars. Here are important reminders for the coming astronomy displays.

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You could also look at and for more astronomy events this June and coming months.

Check for the weather conditions during the astronomy events.

It is advisable to check the weather conditions before planning to view the astronomy events. Clouded skies and severe weather could likely affect the sightings or viewing for many.

Furthermore, people should also consider the time of the best viewing and locations.

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