Gray Wolf Population in Michigan Continues Trend of Stability, New Report Shows

The population of gray wolves in Michigan showed a good sign of a steady stability trend, according to the latest report and 2022 survey.

The 2022 survey aimed to determine the population of gray wolves in Michigan.

Michigan has been a key place for the repopulation of the rare gray wolves, and conservation efforts have been crucial for animal survival.

Steady population amidst the threat of hunting

(Photo : by JEAN-CHRISTOPHE VERHAEGEN/AFP via Getty Images)
White wolves or artic wolves – Rhodes, northeastern France, on December 16, 2022

According to the Associated Press (AP), the report explained that the wolf population was steady, and there was no decline in terms of number.

The monitoring is significant to allow experts to see how conservation works for the said species.

  • Based on the estimate and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), there were about 631 wolves in the area.
  • The report added that the latest survey determined a total of 136 wolf packs that thrive in Michigan.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reported that experts said that the grey wolves could have reached the biological carrying capacity over the Upper Peninsula.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, carrying capacity means that the ability of habitat to support the animals.

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) explained that gray wolves (Canis lupus) also thrive in forests and grasslands of Northeast Oregon, Western Montana, Northern Idaho, Alaska, Northern Wisconsin, and Northern Idaho.

The NWF said that grey wolves love to hunt carnivore animals, including deer, beavers, and rodents.

They could be from 60 to 145 pounds.

Protected Grey Wolves

According to the DNR Michigan, grey wolves are federally protected.

People should not harm or kill them unless there is an imminent threat.

The International Wolf Center added that the population of grey wolves became listed in Endangered Species Act in Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

The said wolves suffered from hunting.

In fact,the Endangered Species Act helped the wolf pack to increase their population.

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Ultimately, conservation efforts play a significant role in monitoring their population from possible threats.

With the rising popularity of hunting, they can be subjected to hunting and used lethal weapons.

More about Grey Wolves

The pack of grey wolves shows remarkable hunting skills and love for the pack members.

The report explained that a pack might have four to nine grey wolves.

They stay together in their territories, and they hunt for food sources like a team.

The report said that wolf breeds from late January to March, during which females could produce up to six young pups. 

Moreover, there is a leader or alpha wolf, both female and male, that is in the top hierarchy. Young adults could stay with their families or find a new pack to join. Young wolves show respect to their leaders.

On the other hand, the member of the pack can communicate when they growl or mark a scent for places or territories.

Wolf can also enter into a deadly fight for leadership. They express their willingness to battle by growling at their opponent.

Did you know?: NWF said that grey wolves are considered the ancestors of domesticated dogs.

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