Heroic Dog From Mexico Dies While On Rescue Mission Following Earthquake in Turkey

While on a rescue mission to find survivors in the rubble after the recent earthquake in Turkey, a heroic rescue dog from Mexico perished.

Proteo, a courageous dog that had been flown in from Mexico to assist in locating survivors, was killed in action in Turkey.

Rescue Dog from Mexico

The Mexican Ministry of Defense expressed gratitude to Proteo for his valiant efforts and for carrying out the mission of the Mexican Army.

They continued to say that The Mexican Army and Air Force members deeply regret the loss of their beloved dog, “Proteo,” who, according to the Mexican Ministry, completed his duties as a member of the Mexican Delegation in the rescue and search operation in Turkey.

Proteo has reportedly always been a strong dog and a dog worker who never gave up, according to one of the soldiers currently involved in the rescue efforts in Turkey.

Online users are generous in praising the rescue dog, Proteo, and his efforts. However, some are curious as to how the heroic dog died.

According to reports by Mexican media, the dog perished while looking through the rubble in search of survivors. The Mexican MoD has not disclosed any additional details about the circumstances of the rescue dog’s death.

Magnitude 7.8 Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Early on Monday, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake shook southern Turkey and northern Syria.

Several hours later, a second magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck the same area, further negatively impacting the area and impeding rescue efforts.

According to Aljazeera, Turkey has experienced more than 100 aftershocks of magnitude 4 or higher since then.

Death Toll: 31,643

Teams of emergency personnel are working against the clock to pull survivors from the rubble, and the international community has dispatched a large number of experts to help.

According to Turkey’s disaster management agency (AFAD), over 80,000 people have been hurt, and the death toll has surpassed 31,643.

Haetae, a Korean rescue dog who has been tirelessly looking for survivors, is among the other unsung heroes. The fearless dog’s paws are bandaged after being cut by glass and metal fragments.

Turkey is thought to have moved by 10 feet as a result of the deadliest earthquake to strike the area in 84 years, and the enormous new rupture in the crust of the earth was visible in satellite imagery from space.

Mountains of rubble are accumulating where buildings once stood, and a gaping hole now separates the land between Turkey and Syria.

UN chief has issued a warning that the death toll could rise to over 50,000, the Oxford Mail reports.

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After being trapped under the rubble for agonizing days, survivors are still being rescued amid the disaster of the once-in-a-century event.

Ikbal Cil, 15, was extricated from a collapsed ten-story tower block in Kahramanmaras, a city in southern Turkey, after nearly five days. She asked the British rescuers who saved her to bring her Harry Potter books.

Nuray Gurbuz, a 70-year-old woman who had been trapped beneath her three-story apartment building for 178 hours, was found. The large rescue team was overjoyed to be able to save her, a respite from the suffering brought on by the deadly earthquake, The Sun reports.

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