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Magnitude 5.4 Earthquake Strikes Taiwan; No Damage or Injuries Reported

The latest local reports said a magnitude of 5.4 earthquakes struck Taiwan on Wednesday that jolted the entire country.

Reports said that there were no casualties, injuries and damage to properties.

As the world’s attention focused on powerful earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, earthquake concerns have alerted many countries.

According to Reuters‘ latest reports, the death toll in the devastating earthquake reached 15,000 in Syria and Turkey.

No damage and casualties from Taiwan’s recent earthquake

(Photo :by SAM YEH/AFP via Getty Images)
Taiwan’s Kinmen islands, which lie just 3.2 kms (two miles) from the mainland China coast, on August 10, 2022

The reports from Taiwan News and Central Weather Bureau said that the 5.4 magnitude earthquake was tracked with a dept at 31.6 kilometers in the ocean over 67.4km south of Hualien County Hall.

The earthquake was felt across communities in Taiwan, including Hualien County, Changua City, Taitung County, Changbin, Chenggong and Donghe.

Authorities are looking for possible damage.

Last year, the country experienced a 6.8-magnitude earthquake on September 18, 2022.

According to Reuters, 145 people were reported injured due to the earthquake.

Did you know? Taiwan earthquake in 1999

Taiwan is no stranger to powerful earthquakes.

In 1999, Britannica noted that the country suffered from a devasting earthquake’s aftermath.

Britannica said the powerful earthquake was also known as the 1999 Chi-Chi Earthquake on September 21, 1999.

According to the report, the earthquake caused widespread damage, with many buildings and houses collapsing.

Meanwhile, the death toll reached 2,400 and 10,000 people were reported injured.

Earthquake preparedness

Earthquakes, with powerful magnitudes, are considered deadly and life-threatening.

In an instant, it could cause widespread damage. As a result, disaster preparedness is crucial during and after the earthquake.

Here are important reminders for communities and homeowners during and after earthquake events.

Check your home

It is essential to check your home for possible damages and repairs. It would help strengthen your home’s foundation from tremors and tremors.

If your home or community is near the faultlines, it is best to come up with disaster plan preparedness.

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Family members should know how to reach you in case of earthquakes. A home evacuation plan is essential.

Duck, Cover and hold

 As you move or evacuate, the duck, Cover and hold are considered life-saving for communities and families. It helps to cover your head from possible debris.

Look for a safer and more sturdy place. Stay away from trees, power lines, glasses, windows and fragile materials.

Stay calm

It would help if you stayed calm during earthquake disasters.

Be wary of tsunamis

People near the coast are at risk of tsunamis after the earthquake. Stay updated with tsunami warnings and reminders.

Be careful with damaged powerlines and trees.

As you move out from your home, be careful with damaged houses, powerlines and trees. Debris can be dangerous and harmful.

It is best to check your family members’ safety after the earthquake. If someone is injured, you can use your home’s emergency medicine kit or proceed to the nearest hospital.

Ultimately, homeowners should prepare an emergency kit that they can use if an earthquake occurs.

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