Saturday, September 30, 2023

Need a challenge? Try this cryptic medical-physics word search

As an added bonus, all of the unused letters – when read top left to bottom right – reveal another related phrase.

You can download a PDF of this puzzle. The answers will be published online on this page in March. Please note that this word search is just for fun; there are no prizes.


Wireless put hit music in pronoun, killing cancer cells (12)

Exposure measurement? Note sounds like beautiful proportion (9)

Particle physicists rarely order tapas or nachos, initially (6)

Röntgen’s discovery in complex rayon (4)

Speakers’ gambit locates part of the body (12)

See inside my body? Even smarties back off (3)

Fudge portions are used in three-dimensional imaging (8)

Long-suffering hospital visitor (7)

Angular momentum pinches to the left (4)

Cathode ray tube, for example, central to Kremlin accessories (5)

Medical physics technique? I’m getting older without direction (7)

Slicing method put right? OMG, a trophy! (10)

Use scant computed tomography procedure (3, 4)

Sonogram is extremely stable (10)

Bonobo lust conceals tissue equivalent (5)

We hear crow mountaintop is where protons stop travelling (5, 4)

Tune your imager with spirit (7)

Providing relief by cooking pie at villa (10)

Dull American colour is absorbed unit (4)

Norse god inside? That is I! (6)

Turncoat trades France for a model, device discerns (8)

Yeti’s suede, at its heart, is flesh (6)

Scheduling dose modelling (8) 

Agent for difference (8)

Surgery, detached, ejects gangster (6)

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