Popular Peregrine Falcons Nesting at Michigan State Football Receive Tracking Bands

The celebrity falcons finally got their metal-tracking bands as they nested near the Michigan State Football, drawing attention from the crowd.

The falcons are known as Peregrine falcons. They are known to fly fast and are experts in hunting. According to the All About Birds report, the said falcon is a family of Falconidae.

Although the Peregrine falcons suffered from population decline in the mid of 20th century, the report explained that recovery efforts were vital to increase their species.

In addition, concerned individuals, with students and scientists, managed the tracking bands’ attachment to the peregrine falcons.

Peregrine falcons

(Photo : By YURI CORTEZ/AFP via Getty Images)
A recent report said famous falcons nesting at the Michigan State Football received their tracking metal bands to help monitor their survival rates.

According to Associated Press (AP) recent report, the four peregrine falcon chicks are given the name of the following:

  • Muhammad
  • Pickles
  • Egbert
  • Swooper

The report noted that the peregrine falcon chicks managed to land a spotlight and best nest at Michigan State University’s football stadium.

The falcons became an instant celebrity as they calmly rested atop the stadium. In addition, the report said that the falcon chicks had beaks and sharp talons.

As they attached the metal tracking bands, they ensured the falcons would not be hurt, especially since they were small.

In addition, the report explained that the club members in the area assisted in the attachment of the metal tracking bands. They went to the 8th floor of the stadium.

According to the Associated Press, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources biologist Chad Fedewa was present.

The report noted that the falcon chicks could not still fly from their nest at the stadium.

However, the attachment of metal tracking bands caused the falcon chicks to squeal due to the unusual experience.

Meanwhile, the report said the parents were unhappy after retrieving the chicks, making noise to distract or stop them from retrieving their chicks.

Tagging the falcon chicks with metal tracking bands is helpful for experts and researchers to monitor the bird’s survival rate and flying patters.

The report is also published on the Phys.org website.

More facts about Peregrine Falcon

Furthermore, the report showed that the birds in the 1970s after suffering from pesticide poisoning. The population of the Peregrine Falcon is widespread, except in parts of Antarctica.

Meanwhile, All About Birds explained that the Peregrine Falcon showed a fantastic hunting performance.

With their size, the report added that the Peregrine Falcon is considered fast, reaching about 25-34 mph.

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As they pursuit their eyes on potential prey, the report noted that the Peregrine Falcon could reach a very fast speed reaching 69 mph.

According to National Wildlife Federation, the peregrine falcons use their sharp talons to attack and capture their prey.

With their camouflage skills, it is perfect for the said species to catch prey.

In 2012, the report said that the oldest Pegrine Falcon reached about 19 years (and nine months old in Minnesota.

NWF said that the peregrine falcon can reach about 15 years of age or longer. The said falcon diet is also birds and fish.

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