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Powerful 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Turkey, Syria; Devastating Damage, 640 Deaths Reported

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Northern Syrian city of Aleppo on February 6, 2023

The latest reports showed that a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake rampaged Turkey and Syria that caused catastrophic damage, hundreds of injuries and 640 deaths.

The death toll is expected to soar.

The first week of February became an unforgettable sight for people in Turkey and Syria after many were trapped and killed by a devastating earthquake.

Widespread and heavy damage in Turkey and Syria

According to The Guardian’s latest report, southern Turkey and northern Syria suffered heavy damage and casualties from the earthquake.

Aftershocks were felt in nearby countries, including Lebanon and Israel.

State agencies said that rescue and operations have been ongoing to help for possible survivors from the earthquake’s aftermath.

However, the freezing weather conditions in the affected countries would be challenging for rescuers.

CNN reported the following casualties and victims:

  • As of Monday, at least 284 were reported deaths in Turkey, totaling 2,300 injuries.
  • In Syria, the report said that at least 237 died, while there were 639 recorded injuries.
  • The report noted that the death toll could reach up to 10,000.

In war-torn Syria, survivors overwhelmed the hospitals, making it more challenging for health officials.

CNN further report added that the iconic and centuries-old Gaziantep Castle in Turkey sustained heavy damage from the powerful earthquakes.

In addition, The Guardian said that about 900 buildings collapsed and were destroyed in parts of Turkey.

On the other hand, the nuclear plant in Turkey was reported undamaged.

A recent report also added that another earthquake hit Cyprus.

Meanwhile, Reuters explained that residents in Turkey were shocked about the devastating earthquake.

In Aleppo, the report noted the waves of wounded people arriving at healthcare facilities.

International support

Furthermore, CNN reported that international efforts had been deployed to assist both countries from the catastrophic event.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) raised concerns over the massive impact of the deadline earthquake.

The WHO explained the crucial step of looking for survivors and focusing on rescue operations.

International communities pledged their support to two earthquake-hit countries.

The countries that expressed support were India, Poland, Germany, European Union, Russia, Spain, the United States and Taiwan.

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With increasing death tolls and injuries, blood donations are essential for affected survivors.

Medical teams are on the way via planes to assist with the patients and influx of injured people in hospitals.

The unexpected earthquake would displace thousands of families. The difficult situation would bring the risk of health concerns, especially in Syria.

The story is a developing news report.

Did you know? Facts about Syria and Turkey

  • According to Reuters, Syria has suffered from 11 years of civil war.
  • The latest earthquake would bring Syrians in great need of international assistance, especially since most people live in poverty.
  • On the other hand, according to the Reuters and Quantectum Earthquake Forecasting Center, one of the largest earthquakes in Turkey hit on August 17, 1999. The 7.6 magnitude earthquake jolted parts of southeast Istanbul.
  • The earthquake left 17,100 casualties and 50,000 reported injuries. Up to 500,000 became displaced.

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