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Severe Thunderstorms, Isolated Tornadoes Could Emerge in Texas, Houston, Ohio Valley This Week, Forecast Warns

The second week of February would expect severe thunderstorms, heavy rain and isolated tornadoes in parts of the South, including in Texas and Ohio Valley.

Residents and motorists should listen to the latest weather forecasts, as isolated tornadoes and severe thunderstorms are considered dangerous and life-threatening.

From tornado outbreaks, Southern United States is no stranger to extreme weather events. Recently, CNN reported that a powerful ice storm struck parts of the South.

In Texas, Associated Press (AP) said that the ice storm in Texas left hundreds of thousands of residents without power during freezing weather conditions.

Isolated Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms

(Photo : by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)
March 23, 2022 in New Orleans, Louisiana

According to AccuWeather’s latest weather forecast (February 6, 2023), severe thunderstorms and heavy rain are expected in the Southern U.S. as a developing storm emerges this week.

AccuWeather’s outlook on Tuesday showed that rain and thunderstorms would unleash in Oklahoma City, Little Rock and Eastern portions of Texas.

  • In the evening, the weather forecast said that challenging thunderstorms with damaging wind gusts would unfold in Houston, Tyler, Austin and San Antonio.
  • Residents in Louisiana should also stay alert for possible tornado outbreaks and thunderstorms. Tornadoes, including Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama, commonly hit Louisiana.
  • The severe thunderstorms would lead to possible localized flooding and flash floods.

Those planning outdoor activities and travel should check the weather forecasts before leaving due to life-threatening tornadoes.

The weather forecast noted that significant travel delays and slower commutes are expected, especially in Arkansas, Little Rock, Tennessee and Memphis.

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In addition, emergency preparedness is essential during severe weather events to prevent injuries and possible casualties.

On the weather outlook Wednesday, the report showed that isolated tornadoes would emerge in Houston, New Orleans, Mobile, Jackson, Memphis, Little Rock and Shreveport.

  • From Tuesday to Thursday, heavy rain would unload in Dallas, Little Rock, St. Louis, Nashville and Columbus. There is a chance that the rain will lead to river flooding and localized flash flood.
  • Meanwhile, portions of Missouri, Ohio and Cincinnati would anticipate rounds of rain this week.

Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms safety

Powerful tornado outbreaks hit the South, leaving significant property damage, casualties and injuries.

According to CDC on Tornado Advisories, time is of utmost importance, especially since tornadoes would result in widespread damage and deaths.

As mentioned, disaster preparedness is vital during weather events. Homeowners should ensure that their family members are ready for tornado outbreaks, especially at night.

Here are some important to remember during tornado outbreaks.

  • Stay updated with the weather forecasts, tornado watches and tornado warnings.
  • Stay calm. Look for a secure place inside your home. Stay away from windows or fragile materials.
  • Cover your head as you move around.
  • Prepare an emergency kit that contains non-perishable goods, battery-powered radio, an extra mobile phone and medicines.
  • Anticipate rotating power outages during tornado outbreaks.
  • If you are outside, avoid open spaces. It is best to look for a safe place, including malls or shelters.

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