Severe Weather Continues to Pick on Central Texas Extending to Oklahoma

Oklahoma has been hit by the same severe weather that is still doing rounds in Central Texas.

On Saturday, the skies are expected to be busy for a third day due to a persistent trend of severe weather that has targeted central Texas for the past few days.

The Lone Star State’s central region will once again experience strong to severe thunderstorms on Saturday afternoon, but this time the storms will also extend across the Red River and into southern Oklahoma.

Lever 3 Risk Severe Weather

On a scale of 1 to 5, the NOAA Storm Prediction Center has rated the risk of severe weather as level 3 from Abilene, Texas, through Sherman, and into Ardmore, Oklahoma. A level 2 risk extends from Fort Worth to Arlington and Plano, while southern Louisiana, including New Orleans, is under a general severe weather threat.

As a line of severe thunderstorms raced down the Interstate 10 corridor on Saturday morning, about 50,000 people in Louisiana had already lost power, according to The JazzFest in New Orleans was also delayed due to the severe weather there.

Persistent Large Hail, Damaging Winds

Large hail continues to pose the biggest threat, with a high likelihood of hail measuring at least 2 inches in diameter around Wichita Falls, Sherman, and Denison, as it has for the previous two days. It is also possible that there may be a few isolated tornadoes and damaging wind gusts of at least 60 mph.

In the Midwest, a second region of severe weather is anticipated. The greater St. Louis area is under a category 2 risk of severe weather, and severe thunderstorms could potentially extend as far as Chicago, Iowa, into Des Moines, and even as far as South Dakota. Again, the main dangers from severe storms are huge hail and devastating winds.

Severe Weather Weekend

In the Plains and Midwest, there is still a danger of severe weather through Sunday, while Texas has a little lower risk. Eastern Nebraska, including Omaha and Lincoln, southwestern Iowa, Des Moines, and northwestern Missouri have the highest danger of severe weather.

Once more, there is a tiny chance of an isolated tornado, but the primary risks are huge hail and strong wind gusts.

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Severe Weather Recap

The worst weather on Thursday was between Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin, which led to many Severe Thunderstorms and Tornado Warnings. Tragically, a tree collapsed into a home in Frankston, killing two residents. In Bellevue and Nagadoches, trees were uprooted and power lines were downed, and Doole and Sherman recorded gusts of high to 68 mph.

Friday saw the loss of electricity for more than 18,000 individuals, mostly in east Texas. On Friday, golf ball- and baseball-sized hail poured over North and Central Texas, significantly damaging the area. Wind gusts reached 64 mph at Point Venture and 68 mph in Llano.

In Granite Shoals, there have been reports of trees being destroyed and broken electricity poles. By early Saturday morning, about 32,000 individuals were without electricity. Residents and businesses in the impacted areas have experienced substantial interruption as a result of the weather. To maintain personal safety, it’s critical to keep informed about weather alerts and to take preventative measures, FOX Weather reports.

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