Severe Weather Forecast: Heavy Rain to Unload in Southeastern, South-Central United States This Weekend Until Next week; Flash Flood, Thunderstorms Expected

The latest weather forecast said that portions of the Southeastern and South-Central United States would expect severe weather conditions, unloading flooding rainfall, damaging winds, thunderstorms and isolated tornadoes.

Residents and motorists should keep updated with the weather reports as the weather could be dangerous.

The USA Today reported that about 2 million people in the South were under the tornado threat due to severe weather risks.

Flash flood, heavy rain, and thunderstorms in the US

(Photo : by PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images)
N Peters Street in New Orleans, Louisiana on August 29, 2021

Meanwhile, AccuWeather’s latest weather forecast (January 21, 2023), the storms in the South-Central and Southeastern United States would result in chaotic travel concerns and flash floods starting Saturday.

  • Saturday’s weather outlook showed that rain and thunderstorms could unload in Houston. Meanwhile, rain is expected in Oklahoma, Dallas, Jackson, Austin and San Antonio. In Wichita, winter showers are forecast.
  • Locally thunderstorms and flash floods would unleash in New Orleans, Birmingham, Pensacola, Montgomery, Atlanta, Myrtle Beach, and Jacksonville (From Saturday to Sunday)
  • Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Northern Florida, Carolinas and Georgia could also expect rain from Saturday until Sunday.

Commuters should consider bringing an umbrella and raincoat protection. However, staying at home is recommended if the storm worsens.

Due to the severe weather, the forecast said that it would result in widespread travel disruption. Motorists and Americans planning to travel should check the flight and road outlook to avoid disappointments.

Next week, the weather is not expected to improve. Flooding risks and travel delays would continue until Wednesday.

According to AccuWeather, significant rainfall is expected from Tuesday to Wednesday. Rain is forecast in Dallas, Jackson, Baton Rouge, Little Rock, Nashville, Louisville, Montgomery, Atlanta, and Charlotte.

The severe thunderstorms in the affected areas could unload dangerously isolated tornadoes and flooding rainfall.

Portions of North Carolina and tornado-hit Georgia could expect severe thunderstorms that could unleash tornadoes, including New Orleans, Jackson, Atlanta, Tennessee, and Raleigh.

On the other hand, the National Weather Service (NWS) said that a winter storm is expected in the Northeast after dumping heavy snow in the Midwest and Rockies.

Severe thunderstorms and isolated tornadoes

The latest weather forecast warned that severe thunderstorms and isolated tornadoes could unload until next week.

Residents in the affected areas should brace for flooding downpours, damaging winds, and possible flash flooding.

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Here are the essential reminders during the severe weather risks this weekend.

The CDC’s tornado report explained that the situation would be life-threatening. Knowing how to react would save you and your family members. Meanwhile, thunderstorms are also dangerous.

Stay alert for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes

Weather forecasts report the latest weather updates, from severe thunderstorms and isolated tornadoes. Keep updated with tornado forecasts, from tornado watch and warnings.

Stay at home as possible

A safe and secure place at home would be the best shelter. Prepare an emergency plan with your family members, could anticipate the weather conditions.

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