Snow Drought: Lack of Measurable Snow Unfolds in New York

Residents and businesses in New York City looked forward to a measurable snowfall this winter as snow drought continued to unfold.

Last year, Buffalo City and New York suffered from heavy lake-effect snow that resulted in significant road disruptions, power outages, and travel restrictions.

Many residents had to work hard to remove snow on their roofs.

In Denver and Colorado, AccuWeather’s latest weather report explained that the heavy snow unloaded, causing multiple road crashes, slower commutes, and significant travel disruption.

Snow drought

(Photo : by JOED VIERA/AFP via Getty Images)
Buffalo, New York, on December 29, 2022

According to the New York Post report, residents noticed the lack of measurable snowfall in NYC.

Snow lovers anticipated that more snow could unfold, which could invite more skiing and snowboarding hobbies.

On the other hand, businesses also noticed an unusual decline in winter materials, including snow shovels and bags of salt.

The snowy conditions are ideal for winter businesses.

The warming conditions could be one of the factors. In Europe, the The Guardian reported that many ski resorts temporarily closed due to a lack of snow due to warming temperatures.

Meanwhile, the New York Post explained that New York City has about $96 million used for snow and ice removal, which are essential during intense winter and heavy snow accumulation that could clog and affect main roads.

Without much snow, the report said that the state could save more money, and the workers would not exhaust more time in ice removal.

The National Weather Service added that a wintry mix condition is expected in New York and interior New England this week.

The forecast said that freezing rain could unleash.

Meanwhile, the NWS New York said NYC residents could receive rain showers and gusty winds on Friday.

Southeastern parts could expect cloudy weather.

The weekend, the forecast added that light to moderate rain would unfold. Residents and commuters should bring an umbrella and raincoat protection.

Winter storm Alert

On the other hand, the National Weather Service’s (NWS) latest key message for January 19 to 20, said that portions of the Northeast could expect heavy snow and freezing rain starting Friday.

NWS said the snow could reach up to one inch per hour on Friday. Portions of New England, Vermont, and Southern Maine would also experience more snow.

The weather forecast advised that the freezing rain and heavy snow would cause extremely dangerous travel.

Car owners should monitor the current weather conditions before traveling.

Slippery road conditions, poor road visibility, and blowing snow could result in road accidents.

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Meanwhile, ice accumulation could unload in Berkshires and Southern Greens.

On the other hand, the Rockies and the High Plains would receive heavy rain with snow this week as a storm develops in the Rockies this weekend.

According to USA Today’s recent news, millions of Americans are on a winter weather alert and advisories due to the winter conditions in the country, affecting portions of the Midwest and Northeast, especially in Michigan.

In portions of the south, a tornado watch has been present due to the threat of severe weather thunderstorms.

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