Stranded Dolphin Pod Rescued from Shores of Florida, Released the Next Day

A dolphin pod that was stranded on Florida’s coast was rescued, tagged, and released the following day.

This week, members of the Cape Cod marine mammal rescue team from the International Fund for Animal Welfare and other volunteers had to stay alert due to dolphins swimming in the bay.

The dolphins stranded themselves at Provincetown, Wellfleet, or Barnstable for two days while swimming in shallow seas. According to IFAW, rescuers used kayaks, boats, and even mobile dolphin rescue trucks to lure the creatures into deeper waters or physically remove them from the ocean and transport them to safer locations.

Atlantic White-Sided Dolphins

On May 1, nine Atlantic white-sided dolphins were seen swimming in Wellfleet Harbor in the early afternoon. As if on cue, just after rescuers arrived to assist in guiding the animals to deeper waters, one of the animals became stranded in Duck Creek. Seven more became stuck before the afternoon was over. The ninth dolphin took off swimming by itself.

The North Atlantic Ocean’s temperate waters are home to Atlantic white-sided dolphins. They can be found off the coasts of North Carolina and Maine in the United States. They are known by their recognizable yellowish-tan streak on their sides, according to NOAA Fisheries.

Dolphin Pod Stranded, Rescued, Released

The eight stranded dolphins, one female, and seven males, were all recovered, comprehensive health evaluations were done, treatment was given, and all were able to be released, claims the organization.

Six likely “sub-adults” or dolphin teenagers and two likely adults were in the group, according to the organization’s assessment.

The dolphins were released back into the ocean via the Duck Harbor in Wellfleet because the rescue crew believed it to be the site with the safest conditions due to the strong winds.

One of the dolphins saved on May 1 reportedly went back to shallow waters the next day, becoming stranded in Provincetown and needing the team to use kayaks to herd it to a spot where they could assist it. This dolphin was once more examined and treated before being given a temporary satellite tag and being driven to Herring Cove.

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Another dolphin that was saved on May 1 was spotted in Barnstable Harbor between the boat slips almost immediately. Once more, rescuers went into the water to help and had kayaks and boat support from Millway Marina.

A separate dolphin, possibly the young female, ninth of the group, from May 1 that swam away, brought rescuers back to Wellfleet, close to the Wellfleet Pier, at the same time. Kayaks were used to herd her as well, and she was carried out of the water for inspection.

The two remaining dolphins traveled to Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown together in our specially designed mobile dolphin rescue vehicle, according to the rescue team’s report.

Three dolphins received transient satellite tags over the course of two days, and as of Wednesday night, all were said to be swimming securely offshore, Cape Cod Times reports.

Dolphins find the area to be very confusing. Cape Cod is a global hotspot for dolphin mass strandings, according to Brian Sharp, manager at the IFAW, who stated this via ABC News way back in 2017.

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