Tornado Outbreaks Likely to Unload in Austin, Houston; Severe Thunderstorms Expected in the South US

The latest weather forecasts warned that severe weather conditions, heavy rain and damaging winds would unload in the Southern United States this week. 

The forecast said possible tornado outbreaks are expected to unfold in Austin, Houston and Mississippi..

Heavy rain and possible tornado outbreaks

(Photo : by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Tornado outbreaks on October 21, 2019 in Dallas, Texas

Motorists and residents are advised to keep updated with the weather this week.

According to AccuWeather’s latest forecast this February 8, the weather agency explained that the potent storm systems would impact portions of the Rockies and Mississippi Valley.

The National Storm Prediction Center reported that about 26 million people are at risk due to severe weather conditions, and AccuWeather said.

Starting Tuesday night, the weather outlook showed that isolated tornadoes, damaging wind gusts and downpours would unleash in Austin, Houston and Tyler.

  • A severe weather outlook is forecast in Louisiana, southeastern Arkansas and Mississippi Valley.
  • Residents in New Orleans, Alexandria, Little Rock, Arkansas and Tenessee would suffer from moderate risk.
  • On Wednesday, the forecast noted that the risk of bad weather would be noticeable in Shreveport, Memphis, Mobile and New Orleans.
  • Meanwhile, moderate risks os expected in Jackson.

Moreover, the rainy and wet patterns could result in localized flooding and travel disruptions in Dallas, Jackson, Houston, Little Rock, Fayetteville, St. Louis, Peoria, Indianapolis, Nashville and Montgomery.

From Wednesday night until Thursday, the weather report added that chance of rain would dump in St. Joseph, Des Moines, Dubuque, La Crosse, Eau Claire, Marquette and Marie.

Severe thunderstorms and tornado outbreaks

The latest weather forecast warned that severe thunderstorms and tornado outbreaks would emerge in the South on Wednesday.

According to CDC, in severe weather events, tornado outbreaks would bring communities and residents into a life-threatening situation.

Every second is vital to prevent casualties, injuries and damages.

Disaster preparedness is essential for homes and communities. Homeowners should consider having an emergency plan when tornado outbreaks emerge, especially at night.

Here are crucial reminders for communities during violent tornadoes and severe thunderstorms.

Understand tornado watches and warnings.

Weather forecasts advised tornado watches and warnings for affected communities.

Staying updated with the weather forecasts is essential.

Motorists with travel plans should consider the severe weather conditions this week.

Prepare your family members.An emergency plan would help keep them safe from tornado outbreaks.

Although tornadoes could emerge without notice, preparedness is extremely helpful. Homeowners should stay calm.

Find a secure and safe place.

During tornado outbreaks, look for a safe or secure place inside your home. Cover your head to avoid possible injuries. A safe shelter would reduce the risks.

Tornado emergency kit

Homeowners must keep a tornado emergency kit. It is considered a life-saver when the weather becomes severe and devastating.

The emergency kit includes battery-powered radio, power banks, bottled water, food supplies and medicine kits.

After the tornado outbreaksThe aftermath of tornadoes can be widespread and catastrophic. After the tornado, homeowners should check their family members for possible injuries and property damage.

Be careful with damaged trees and power lines.

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