Tornado Watch Issued in Parts of Northern Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee Due to Severe Weather Conditions

The latest weather forecasts revealed that a tornado watch was issued in parts of the South to warn residents and communities of possible isolated tornadoes.

People in the affected areas should consider checking the weather reports.

In addition, parts of the South commonly experience severe weather risks, with isolated tornadoes.

Possible isolated tornadoes

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March 26, 2021 in Ohatchee, Alabama. Tornado Watch Issued in Parts of Northern Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee Due to Severe Weather Conditions

This week, AccuWeather’s latest forecast revealed that a tornado watch was issued in Central Mississippi, Tennessee, Eastern Louisiana and parts of Alabama.

The weather outlook showed tornado could spawn in Hattiesburg, Jackson, Greenville, Pine Bluff, Memphis, Jackson, Jonesboro and Clarksville.

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Furthermore, the severe weather can bring thunderstorms, flooding and flash flooding in some parts of the South.

Meanwhile, the National Weather Service warned of scattered thunderstorms in the Tennessee Valley, Eastern Mississippi, Alabama and Central Gulf Coast.

On the other hand, the National Prediction Center reported that a winter storm is expected to bring heavy snow and freezing rain in parts of the Northeast and Ohio Valley.

The advisory added that parts of Northern New York and New England could feel the brunt of the storm system.

Safety tips during isolated tornadoes

According to American Red Cross, the emergence of tornadoes is life-threatening, especially at night. The South is no stranger to extreme weather events and tornado outbreaks.

The latest weather forecasts explained that possible isolated tornadoes could unleash in parts of the South. Severe weather forecasts alert residents of flooding downpours and local flashflood.

As a result, disaster preparedness is crucial to prevent accidents and casualties. Here are essential reminders for this week.

Stay updated with tornado watches and warnings

Communities in the affected areas and the South should keep updated with weather alerts and updates. Tornado watches and warnings would help residents to anticipate tornadoes.

Meanwhile, commuters and motorists should stay alert for isolated tornadoes while on the road. It is best to avoid traveling to areas with isolated forecast tornadoes.

Emergency and disaster preparedness

Homeowners should ensure that their family members understand emergency and disaster preparedness. Evacuating to a safe place would bring them safely.

During tornadoes, family members should seek a secure place inside their homes. Keep away from windows, doors, cabinets or any fragile materials.

In addition, keeping a disaster emergency kit would be helpful if you become stranded at home. The emergency kit contains a battery-powered radio, flashlight, non-perishable goods, bottled water and medicine.

After the tornado

Homeowners should be careful after tornadoes. The tornado aftermath can have debris. Be wary of falling debris from damaged trees, infrastructure and homes.

Check the health status of your family members. Injured people should immediately seek a health professional.

Ultimately, there is a possibility that your home is damaged after the tornado outbreaks. Immediate repairs are essential.

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