Two Tropical Cyclones Track in Australia; Flooding Rain to Unload in New Zealand, Queensland’s Norfolk Island

Two Tropical Cyclones and one tropical storm are tracked in Australia. However, the weather forecasts said that Tropical Gabrielle is the most concern due to its possible impact on New Zealand and Queensland’s Norfolk Island.

Motorists and commuters planning to travel this week should check the weather forecasts. Rain could result in slippery roads.

According to AccuWeather’s latest forecasts (February 10, 2023), the report showed that two tropical cyclones were tracked in Australia.

  • The forecast said Tropical Cyclone Freddy was tracked over the Northwest of Western Australia.
  • Meanwhile, Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle was tracked over east Queensland in Australia.
  • The weather forecasts said that Tropical Storm Dingani formed on Cocos Island.

Tropical Cyclone Freddy and Tropical Storm Dingani are not expected to bring heavy rain to parts of Australia and New Zealand.

There is a low chance that the two said storm systems would land this week.

Weather’s impact on Queensland’s Norfolk

Meanwhile, The Guardian’s latest forecast reported that Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle could reach Category 3.

The Guardian and 9News  reported that Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle could unload on Queensland’s Norfolk Island this weekend.

The report said that damage to houses could unfold. Power lines and trees can also become affected.

Residents in Norfolk Island should anticipate possible power outages. Meanwhile, 9News added that evacuation centers are also ready due to high tides and heavy rain.

Weather’s impact on New Zealand

(Photo : by Andy Jackson/Getty Images)
August 20, 2022, in Taranaki, New Zealand

Residents and motorists in New Zealand should stay aware of weather conditions as Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle can unleash flooding rainfall this weekend until early next week.

The Category 1 Cyclone is expected to intensify this Friday. The weather forecast explained that New Zealand could also experience strong winds on Sunday.

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The Bureau of Meteorology reported that the tropical cyclone could become a low-pressure system next week as it tracks its way to New Zealand.

Residents and communities near the coastal areas should keep updated with the weather for possible coastal flooding.

Heavy rain and flooding preparedness

As tropical cyclones may unleash heavy rainfall, homeowners should stay prepared for possible high tides and flooding.

Here are important reminders for communities and homeowners before the cyclone intensifies.

Know the weather updates.

Homeowners must stay aware of the current weather forecasts. Listening to local reports and radios would help anticipate possible evacuations and flooding.

Fully charge all mobile phones and gadgets, as power outages can emerge due to heavy rain and strong winds.

Road hazards are possible.

Motorists should cancel or reschedule their travel or outdoor activities when the tropical cyclone worsens.

Emergency bags and immediate evacuations.

Homeowners should prepare an emergency bag for evacuations.

The bag should not be heavy. It must contain medicines, bottled water, battery-powered radio, non-perishable goods and raincoat protection.

Evacuate as soon as possible, especially when your area is prone to landslides and flooding. The rapid rise of flood waters is life-threatening.

After the storm, homeowners should check for possible house damage. Be careful with damaged electrical wiring and outlets.

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