UK Weather Forecast: Thunderstorms Expected Across UK as Flood Warnings Remain in Effect

As the country prepares for another round of turbulent weather, the UK is expected to experience mostly cloudy weather on Monday, with outbreaks of rain and drizzle.

According to the Met Office, heavy rain is expected in the hills of Northern Ireland, southwest Scotland, and northwest England, with 15 flood alerts still in effect across the country. Keswick Campsite in Cumbria is under a more serious flood warning.

While the central and eastern areas may see some sunny spells, overall conditions are expected to be rainy and grey, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 12 degrees Celsius.

Update On Thunderstorms Across Britain

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The latest forecast has dashed hopes for warmer weather after last week’s cold snap brought snow and ice to parts of the country, as per Independent.

The forecast for Tuesday through Thursday predicts rain or showers in all regions.

The forecast calls for “windy and wet” conditions on Wednesday, with gales possible, and heavy rain and thunder on Thursday.

The Met’s forecast for Friday said there are likely to be “unsettled” conditions, “with showers for all, these perhaps heavy and thundery at times”.

Showers in the north could turn wintry over high ground, according to the Met’s long-term forecast between March 24 and April 2.

Although there is a lower risk of organized rain with strong winds in the southeast at first, the forecaster expects the weather to remain unsettled throughout the weekend, with colder conditions expected to move in from the north, potentially bringing an overnight frost risk.

The east should have the driest weather.

The weather is expected to remain unsettled from April 3 to 17, with periods of strong winds and rain interspersed with shorter drier spells, according to the Met Office.

The south may have the wettest weather, with temperatures expected to be close to average, while the north may be cold, with a chance of wintry conditions.

The forecast remains uncertain due to a change in the jet stream, according to Met Office spokesperson Stephen Dixon.

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Maps Show When The Snow Returns

According to the most recent weather maps, more snow may be on its way to the UK.

Brits have been hit by freezing temperatures, snow, and storms in March, but despite recent warming, the wintry weather may not be over.

Temperatures are expected to drop below zero, possibly reaching -10 degrees Celsius in northern Scotland.

The temperature will drop to around -1C in southern areas, indicating that the end of March will be colder than usual.

Temperatures are expected to remain cold into April, with the possibility of some unseasonable spring snow.

According to the Express, the latest WXCharts maps show several centimetres of snow falling in northern Scotland, with lighter precipitation in southern areas.

According to Nick Finnis of Net Weather, the UK should expect a mild period followed by a cold end to the month.

Mr. Finnis wrote: Unlike recently, the next 10 days appear to be mostly mild, with temperatures above average.

Low pressure is expected to dominate during this period, with lows and associated frontal systems moving in off the Atlantic at times, bringing spells of rain east or north-east, interspersed with brighter but showery weather.

Cold polar air will never be far to the north of northern Scotland, with the potential for this cold air to spread down across at least the north of Scotland and possibly further south in the wake of low-pressure systems that clear east of the UK.

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