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Unusual Warmth to Continue in New York, Portions of Eastern US This Week

The latest weather forecasts said that Eastern parts of the United States, including New York City (NYC), would expect unusual warmth this week.

The weather forecast said that the chance of rain is low. However, motorists and New Yorkers should bring an umbrella if the rain unloads.

Recently, AccuWeather reported that NYC recorded a measurable snowfall during the first week of February.

The challenging warmth and rainy conditions in New York City resulted in snowless streaks for about 300 days.

The unusual warmth in Eastern U.S. and New York City

(Photo : by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)
February 03, 2023 in New York City

In the latest weather advisory, the National Weather Service – New York said on Twitter that warmer and average temperatures are expected in NYC.

In NYC, the NWS forecast said that commuters and residents would notice sunny conditions this weekend.

The advisory added that the warm morning temperatures could reach from -40s to lower -50s. However, the forecast noted that temperatures would drop at night.

The wind gusts are forecast to reach up to 30 mph.

Furthermore, the sudden rebound to warm conditions was due to the cold front exiting the eastern United States this week.

On the other hand, Fox Weather’s latest news explained that warm weather would unfold in the eastern seaboard.

Based on Fox Weather’s outlook, the report showed that warmer temperatures would continue in New York City, Jacksonville, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago and Minneapolis.

  • Meanwhile, a cooler weather outlook is expected in Los Angeles, Seattle, Flagstaff, Denver, Dallas, Casper and Billings.

Possible storm systems

Furthermore, the Fox Weather Center said two storm systems would impact the central and eastern United States.

The weather forecast explained that the two storm systems would unleash severe weather conditions, snow and flooding rain.

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Next week, Fox Weather’s weather pattern revealed that portions of Dallas and Houston would expect severe storms.

  • Meanwhile, Atlanta and St. Louis can suffer from flood risk. Homeowners near the coast should keep updated with the weather for possible flooding concerns.
  • The forecast said that snow would unfold in Denver, Chicago and Albuquerque.

Furthermore, NBC Boston explained that warmer air is expected in Boston this week. However, the gusty winds would not be noticeable to motorists and homeowners.

Did you know? Devastating Hurricane Sandy in 2012

According to Business Insider’s recent report, Hurricane Sandy is considered one of the most devastating and worst hurricanes that landed in New York City.

Hurricane Sandy is also called a superstorm because of the widespread impact on residents in New York and New Jersey in October 2012, causing about $50 billion in damage.

On the other hand, Business Insider explained new research showing Hurricane Sandy’s unusual and rare flooding.

Based on the research, the researchers explained that flooding during Hurricane Sandy was uncommon. The report noted that it only emerges every 260 years.

The Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery in NYC explained that Hurricane Sandy left widespread damage and power disruptions.

The report said that about 300 homes were destroyed. The total death toll reached 44 in New York City.

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