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US Winter Forecast: Storms to Hit Northeast Next Week; Rounds of Snow to Cause Travel Disruptions

The latest weather forecast warned of developing winter storms in the Northeast next week, causing possible travel delays and travel disruptions.

Although the spring season is on the way, the last stretch of winter storms unfolded in California, the Northeast and Upper Midwest.

This week, the weather forecasts monitored a possible winter storm in the Northeast. According to AccuWeather’s latest forecast, snow conditions could unload next week.

Rounds of snow this week

(Photo : by TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images)
Riverside Park on the West Side of New York City. The latest forecasts said that a possible winter storm could hit the Northeast next week, bringing rain and snow.

 Americans with travel plans should observe the storms by early next week for possible slower commutes, road hazards and flight delays.

This week, AccuWeather’s recent outlook showed that snow could unfold from Friday and Saturday morning. Snow is expected in Detroit, Pittsburgh and New York City.

  • There is also a chance of snow in Chicago. Midwest’s interstates 80 and 90 could anticipate travel disruptions.
  • The forecast added that Southwestern New England, Pennsylvania and New York could also expect wet conditions.

On the other hand, the National Weather Prediction Center reported a winter storm in the Upper Midwest, Great Lakes and Northern Plains on Friday.

The latest key message warned of heavy snow that could begin on Wednesday. In addition, potential snowfall could emerge in Lake Erie, Southern Michigan and Southern Wisconsin.

Parts of Northern Mid-Atlantic and North-Central Pennsylvania could also expect possible snow this week.

Homeowners should prepare for possible severe conditions next week to prevent becoming stranded on the roads. Early preparations are essential to avoid accidents and injuries.

On Saturday, AccuWeather’s outlook showed that chilly conditions could unfold in Detroit, Buffalo, Columbus, Pittsburgh and Burlington.

  •  Possible rain could unload in New York City and Boston.

Forecast next week in the Northeast

Meanwhile, chances of snow could stretch next week in parts of the Northeast. The forecast said snow conditions could emerge from Sunday night and early next week, affecting areas in NYC, Boston, Bangor, Montpelier, Scranton, Toronto and Ottawa.

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The snow conditions in the Northeast could raise concerns about cold-related risks, including hypothermia and frostbites.

 Homeowners should check the temperatures of their family members, particularly those with pre-existing health conditions.

The American Red Cross prepared essential winter safety tips to prevent road accidents and health hazards. Read here.

Furthermore, AccuWeather reported that wintry weather could unfold Monday.

  • Rain and snow could be possible in Pittsburgh and Boston.
  • Rain could unfold in Washington and NYC.
  • Snow conditions would emerge in Syracuse. Rain showers are expected in Detroit.

The forecasts noted the possibility of power outages and flight delays next week. It is best that homeowners and motorists should keep updated with the forecasts next week.

In other parts of the US, the National Weather Service (NWS) reported that California could experience severe weather.

The advisory said the atmospheric river event could unleash possible rain and snow in northern and central California this Friday.

As Californians began to recover from storms, the flooding and winter storms could become problematic this week, bringing snow.

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