Weather Forecast: Prolonged Cold to Unfold in Central U.S This Weekend

The latest weather forecast said prolonged cold is expected to unload in the Central United States this coming weekend.

Travel plans and outdoor activities would be affected as the winter storms would dump heavy snow and strong winds.

Motorists and commuters should consider checking the challenging weather this week to avoid the inconvenience of travel delays and travel disruptions.

Meanwhile, weather forecasts noted that portions of the United had experienced severe weather risks and heavy snow. Residents and motorists should anticipate more rain and snow in the final week of January.

  • According to USA Today’s latest weather news, the report said that winter storms in the Northeast and Midwest threaten about 17 million people.
  • The weather forecast said that winter storm warnings are still present in portions of the United States, Texas, New York, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.
  • Meanwhile, the New York Times reported that a tornado outbreak emerged in portions of Houston. In addition, Louisiana and Texas recorded storms (as of Tuesday).
  • The recent report said that tornado watch has been present in Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

Prolonged cold

(Photo : by KEREM YUCEL/AFP via Getty Images)
January 31, 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

According to the Weather Nation, the forecast said that colder air would unfold in Central U.S. and Canada this weekend.

  • The forecast explained that temperatures are expected to become colder in Northern Rockies and Great Lakes.
  • Portions of Dakotas and Minnesota could also experience colder weather outlooks.

In addition, the weather is forecast to be more challenging at night, when a temperature drop would occur.

As portions of the South suffer from severe weather risks, USA Today reported that heavy snow would unleash on Tuesday night.

The report said that rounds of rain and light snow would affect this week.

The weather forecast said that portions of central Indiana could expect more snow on Tuesday. The NWS Indianapolis noted that six to ten inches of snow would unfold. Meanwhile, one to five inches of snow is expected in Southern Indiana.

  • In Arkansas, the weather forecast said that the state would experience snow on Wednesday.

On the other hand, NWS said heavy snow would unleash in the Midwest and Northeast this Thursday. Ice conditions could also unfold in New England and Central Appalachians.

The heavy blowing of snow would become extremely difficult for motorists and commuters. Those planning to travel should invest extra time while on the road.

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The colder temperatures would also become troublesome for people vulnerable to colder weather. Prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures can cause cold-related health risks.

Snow safety during winter storms

Weather forecasts warned that heavy snow would unload this week. The National Weather Service (NWS) advised the importance of winter safety, especially for workers.

NWS added to wear proper footwear and winter layered clothes to avoid hypothermia.

As emphasized during winter storms, the advisory urged car owners to have a ready emergency winter kit inside their vehicles.

Did you know?

According to the The Washinton Post, a powerful storm pounded the East Coast on March 12 to March 13, 1993, unloading blizzard conditions and heavy snow. It is called the storm of the century after leaving widespread damage, 270 casualties in 14 states and costly damage.

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