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Winter Weather Advisory In Effect Over Areas of Sierra Nevada; Imminent Flood Warnings in California Counties

The impending flooding in various California Counties prompts the NWS to issue numerous Flood Warnings as well as numerous Winter Weather Advisories for the Sierra Nevada.

Mariposa County will remain under a flood warning until 9 o’clock tonight. The warned area is experiencing flooding brought on by several factors. Rivers, streams, creeks, and other low-lying areas are currently being flooded or will soon be flooded.

Some sandbagging efforts are still underway and many roads remain closed, as severe flooding persists. There will likely be a lot of still or slowly moving water.

Sierra Nevada and Snow

According to Mark Truppner, a contributor for, for the period from 4 p.m. on Wednesday until 4 a.m. on Thursday, the National Weather Service has released a Winter Weather Advisory covering the northern Sierra Nevada western slope.

The snowiest weather is predicted for Wednesday night when accumulations of up to an inch per hour are possible. A snowfall of between half a foot and a foot is predicted. Up to 35 mph gusts of wind are expected in the area, reports.

California Weather Alerts

According to National Weather Service, a long list of weather alerts are up for different parts of California. (All mentioned time is in the PST time zone.)

Flood Warning. In areas including Monterey, Riverside, Sonoma, Mariposa, and Merced, the Warning is currently in effect until further notice. Creeks, rivers, and streams, and other low-lying areas that are subject to flooding are about to or have already experienced flooding.

High Surf Advisory. In areas including Catalina and Santa Barbara Islands, Los Angeles County Beaches, Malibu Coast, and Santa Barbara County Southeastern Coast, the Advisory will last until 10 PM today.

San Luis Obispo County Beaches, Santa Barbara County Central Coast Beaches, and Ventura County Beaches, the advisory will be in effect until 10 PM tomorrow.

Around the time of high tide, vulnerable low-lying coastal areas like parking lots, beaches, and walkways are likely to be flooded by seawater. The chance of drowning in the ocean has increased. Surfers and swimmers may be dragged out to sea by rip currents. Large breaking waves have the potential to injure people, wash them off of cliffs and beaches, and sink small boats close to the shore.

Coastal Flood Advisory. In areas including Catalina and Santa Barbara Islands, Los Angeles County Beaches, Malibu Coast, Ventura County Beaches, and San Luis Obispo County Beaches, the advisory will be in effect until 10 PM tomorrow. With only sporadic road closures anticipated, this will result in flooding of parks, lots, and roads.

In areas susceptible to tidal flooding, the interaction of onshore winds, high tide cycles, and significant runoff will probably result in coastal flooding. This possibility might last through this weekend’s high tide cycles, particularly during the high tide each morning.

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Winter Weather Advisory. Western Plumas County and Lassen Park will have the advisory until 12 AM January 19, while West Slope Northern Sierra Nevada will have the advisory until 4 AM January 19. The potential for extremely difficult travel led to the advisory. The daytime or nighttime commute may be impacted by the hazardous conditions, according to National Weather Service forecasts.

Small Craft Advisory. For areas of inner waters from Point Mugu to San Mateo Point, including Santa Catalina and Anacapa Islands, the advisory will be in effect until 9 PM only. The advisory was triggered by hazardous sea conditions, according to The Weather Channel.

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